About michelle Yvonne Beauty

Michelle laffranchi, Licensed Esthetician, Certified DMK Skin Revision Therapist, Certified Lash Artist, and Certified in Sugaring and Advanced Hair Removal, including Brazilian, Brows, and Full Body

What brought you to Humboldt County?

I was born and raised in Humboldt County. When I was 7 years old, my parents started the Loleta Cheese Factory in Loleta, Ca. I grew up working in the family business. I moved out of Humboldt for college and other careers, but I kept coming back to Humboldt because I love the beauty, the people and living close to my family.

What inspired you to become an Esthetician?

 At a young age I became passionate about the Beauty and Skincare Industry. After teaching for more than 13 years, I decided to finally fulfill my lifetime dream of becoming an Esthetician, combining my love of teaching with my love of skincare.

What led you into practicing Skin Revision?

I became interested in Skin Revision when I entered the Skin Games, an International Skincare Competition, where I treated a model for hyperpigmentation over an 8-week period of time. I loved being challenged to make customized skincare protocols to really make a lasting change in her skin. I was thrilled to advance as a top 10 finalist and compete against some of the best Estheticians in the World. This is what I am passionate about, revising the skin and working together with my clients to meet their skincare goal through clinical treatments and professional homecare products.

Why have you chosen to bring DMK Skincare into your skincare clinic?

DMK is a World-Renowned Skincare company who is dedicated to treating skin from the inside out, using only the most advanced, and clinically proven results. I was hooked when I saw the amazing results I kept seeing being posted online by other Estheticians. I had to learn more about it. I was impressed with the education the company requires Estheticians to have before making their first order, and even more impressed when I started treating my own clients with it. This is one of the best decisions I made for my business.

Describe the strong points of the services you perform?

I offer Skin Revision, using paramedical skincare and designing personalized skincare programs, tailored to my client’s skin conditions, concerns, goals, and budget. I also offer Sugaring Hair Removal, a form of hair removal that dates back as far as 1900 B.C, as well as, Classic Lash Extension artistry. Every service I offer is customized to each client.

What is your favorite product you retail?
This is hard to answer because I have so many amazing products, but I really love the results I get when I add DMK’s Essential Fatty Acid supplements to my client’s homecare routine. I was amazed to see the increased hydration in my skin when I started taking them. I got so many compliments on my skin and had changed nothing else in my skincare routine. I was hooked after that. I personally take 4 every day.

What is your favorite service you offer and why?

Hands down DMK Enzyme Therapy (aka Game of Thrones Facial). This is a 90-minute service where I apply a masque that increases oxygen to the skin, charges the Mitochondria in the cells, resulting in healthy cells that live longer, stimulates new collagen and elastin to form and detoxifies the skin, including a lymphatic drainage. This wakes the skin up and gets the factory in the skin to start acting younger.

Tell us a little bit about your personality and how it relates to the success of your profession?
I love helping people. When I first meet my clients, they tell me all the things they want to change about their appearance. Working as a team with my client’s is my favorite part of my job. I strongly believe in educating my clients on the science behind each and every product and treatment I use. Designed personalized services is what I am good at. I love building lasting relationships with my clients. Giving my client’s the best customer service and lasting experience is always gratifying.

Why should clients choose to you as their Esthetician?
We are not a spa, but a Skin Revision Clinic dedicated to rooting out the problem and getting client’s skin back homeostasis using the most advanced science-based treatments and cutting-edge technology.

Every service at Michelle Yvonne Beauty is customized. We successfully diagnose and solve skincare conditions. As a Lash Artist, I love the detail work that goes into designing a custom set of lashes. We also offer Organic Sugar Hair Removal, which is gentler on the skin, helping to decrease ingrown hair and irritation to the skin. 

We are currently accepting new clients.